Saturday, September 2, 2017

help me stop cursing

so as usual we have MPU or NDP to complete every sem...and of course this sem is not my third sem we're required to join a computer skills class, islamic civilization and co-curriculum..However, todays title is related to islamic civilization here's how the story goes..we joined that class a week late because of clashes of that class we learnt about islam civilization, malay, china, and india civilization..but we also required to complete a group work..the thing is there's no limit for how many people in a group and we can choose our own group..there's a few groups such as korea, aksum, maya and aztec..and i chose aztec..i think there's 13 people in my a few weeks after we had to prepare slide for presentation..i think the problem starts here but i didn't curse are divided and we prepared it on time..or that's what i thought..BUT! the real thing is when we need to prepare our folio..Hehe -_-" the thing is as mentioned we all have our own we decided to keep it as is..we're supposed have to pass up our folio last wednesday..i know and understand that we all have our own schedule and lack of time..responsibility is still responsibility..i myself passed it up quite last minute but to my surprise there's only 3 people passed up their angry but the cursing truly start when my group member posted a so-called completed work when it really is just a copy paste version of our slides..not just that, we are suppose to write it in english but the earlier slide prepared is in malay..AND my english parts is completely this point im pissed off..i feels unappreciated and stupid for wasting my precious time to find out that it is made to no use..after hardly calming down myself i talked to the one that is responsible to compile our works..he's the one that told me that since our slide preparing task there's only 3 people that passed up on time..ok WT*...i mean i didn't realise that i make a wrong choice joining this group..he told me that he knows our folio is not the right outcome that we are expecting...or should i rephrase SOME of us expect..cause MOST of them just don't care..i guess they are confident enough that they will pass this subject you know how funny this B**T**** are they actually responded when people ask for their names and SID..but the real joke is when some of them actually responded with a thanks when the "completed" work is shared..I dare swear that they didn't actually know the "completed" folios is just a copy of our slide..thanks to our kind hearted lecterur we are given additional time to pass up our work which is after raya haji's 3 days ago i started from scratch again..if only my marks aren't related to them F***T**** i would just ignored their parts and pass up mine..haihh guess what i do it alone despite all the breaks and movie time while doing it i've finish it in 2 days..well less than that..SO AGAIN I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT EXCUSES THEY HAVE..I COMPLETED EVERYTHING WHILE THEY ACTUALLY NEED TO DO A!..A PART OF IT..IN FACT U CAN EVEN COPY PASTE IT FROM THE WEB!!!!!...where is your responsibility, where is your professionalism..sorry to say not being arrogant i might reflects on this when im cooled off but seriously your result from your professional exams might not give any meaning without the professionalism in you..and if there is such excuses like lack of time..guess what SET UR PRIORITY! THINK!! that your action wouldn't affect only urself but the rest of the might be happy that free marks are given..but i believe success gain on others hardwork has no meaning and as useless as YOUR brain..i've been through this kind of group quite a few times but i can't believe im facing it again in a professional i've posted the new folio in our group expected nobody responded to me...if there is still no responds im just gonna print it and pass it on my own..i feels so stupid now for doing all this..just to get a shared marks with those ****!..

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