Saturday, April 29, 2017

stay strong..stay positive

wow this tuesday is my final..dont you think this year the time went by a little bit faster compared to a few years back..maybe my college life has been filled with all the struggles and obstacles which makes me lose track of time has been quite a while since the last post i've made..of course there are obviously a lot of untold stories to be unfold..but let's put that aside first since you know my stories usually include pictures or videos that takes a lot of time to be put in a post..anyway let's get back to the title..stay strong..guess what?!throughout this sem i think this is the quote that i always repeat inside my is kinda hard to believe that more or less in one month i finally complete my CAT(insyallah straight pass)..which also mean im already a college student for a year..throughout this sem don't bother asking how many times i cried hahaha..i still remember i cried while doing my homework because i completely have no idea how to do it..i even called my mom and the only thing that she can tell me is that try to consult with your lecterur tomorrow maybe he can help you..but later i found out that none of my classmates actually answer the question..let's not talk about how worried my parents are when my result when to spongebob's house right at the bottom of the sea hahaha..and there is also times that i'd totally freaked out when my lecterur suddenly called out my name in WHATSAPP GROUP!! haha no big deal guys she was just showing her concern as a lecterur hehe thanks..another sad but true story is i am still a lone ranger hahaha..i would say i am an introvert..which make it hard for me to make new friends..even a friend is hard enough why bother thinking of friendS..but since i am always like this i didn't really feel left out whenever i am left fact it actually makes me more comfortable..but i read somewhere that a psychiatrist said it is not healthy to do so..but what can i do hahaha..anyway as time goes by i heard people saying that im not that introvert glad to hear that but at the same time i feel i not the same old me i changing for the better or worse..i've met quite a number of people..well there are the smarty pants, crazy ones, cool kids, and more, just like any college story..and there are also those that treat me like a listening wall, claim that they understand me, act like they are close to me but then drift away when my SERVICE is no longer needed..nothing unordinary.. i mean that is what friends are for right? has been like that since i was in primary school hahaha..well you see that's life we are talking might feel sad, unwanted, depress..but without you realise other people might feel the same thing..well this is one of the lesson that i've learn since primary school and will keep on learning till i die(maybe)..cause humans forget..we forgot that people do have feeling...we forgot that we are NOT the only one with the problems here..and so this is where this quote pop out stay positive!! are in college..your success is determined by you,yourself!! think of your goals think of the people that truely understands you and hoping the best for you (of course non other than family members) so stay positive and face your hardship with confidence! oppsy got a bit too emotional there..gonna set the mood back on..after all this will all be another colours in my or white or colourful you choose your own again stay strong stay positive reena~ya~~

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